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Buch Angebote bei Hochbegabung und Hochsensibilität

H I G H   I Q

High intelligence - which means an IQ above 130 - can be a valuable resource for High-IQ individuals when their good memory performance, quick comprehension, special emotional sensitivity, or understanding of complex contexts can be well integrated into their personal and professional lives.

However, a high IQ alone already represents a deviation from the norm and thus has the potential for High-IQ individuals to feel different in their interactions with others. In social interactions and especially in education and career, this can lead to High-IQ individuals not feeling understood by their environment or their way of thinking and expressing themselves being interpreted or assessed differently than intended. It is not uncommon for their self-image to develop as being "not right" or "strange." Especially in gifted children, a high thirst for knowledge, atypical interests for their age, or a strong grasp of language can lead to a discouraging rather than supportive reaction from their surroundings. Many High-IQ individuals report being labeled as "know-it-alls" or "smart alecks" during childhood and adolescence without understanding why their thirst for knowledge should be seen as wrong or why they shouldn't question facts and contexts. Consequently, High-IQ individuals may develop significant psychological suffering over time, which can manifest in clinically relevant impairments.

I deeply understand the unique challenges that gifted individuals navigate. Beyond offering assessments for giftedness, my therapeutic approach is specially designed for such nuances. I aim to provide you with a service that recognizes the significance of your challenges and assists you in discovering and harnessing your giftedness as a valuable resource rather than a burden

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