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T R E A T M E N T      S P E C T R U M

Below, you'll find an overview of my primary areas of treatment. If you are interested in a treatment and feel distress in an area not listed, please don't hesitate to contact me. Even in such cases, I would be happy to advise whether I can offer you a treatment solution.

T R E A T M EN T   
A P P R O A C H   & 
C O S T   

My commitment is to offer my clients not only the best possible treatment as measured by international quality standards, but also to take into account the individual life circumstances and needs of every client within a personalized and needs-based approach. Therefore, I work with each of my clients to tailor the treatment setting, creating the optimal conditions for successful therapy.

The psychotherapeutic services are aimed at private-pay clients and those with private insurance. The psychotherapeutic treatments offered are not covered by statutory health insurance in Germany. If you wish to obtain information about the anticipated costs for your individual treatment and transparently explore potential therapy options, please send an inquiry via the provided contact methods. I would be pleased to inform you about the partial reimbursement of treatments for residents of Germany by your private health insurance or through governmental health subsidies.

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