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Buch Behandlung von Stressfolgeerkrankungen

S T R E S S -

R E L A T E D   


Stress is one of the main causes of various psychological and physical illnesses and is considered a major risk factor for the loss of quality of life and lifespan. Many people are exposed to significant temporary or chronic stress, which can arise both in their professional and personal lives. Prolonged elevated stress levels can disrupt and permanently damage all psychological and physical systems. I understand the importance of identifying stressors and their consequences correctly and, most importantly, early on, as it is vital to take effective measures to prevent health consequences or to treat already manifested stress-related disorders effectively.


Examples of psychological disorders associated with stress include burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, and psychosomatic conditions. Physical illnesses such as sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain, and heart diseases can also be caused or exacerbated by chronic stress, often requiring psychotherapeutic co-treatment within a comprehensive and sustainable approach. Stress can impair daily life, strain relationships, and significantly reduce the quality of life. Stress-related disorders can also impact couples or family dynamics, necessitating a systemic approach.


I specialize in providing evidence-based and personalized therapeutic support for those facing psychological challenges, psychosomatic symptoms, or seeking therapy alongside treatment for a physical illness. My focus is on identifying and addressing both personal and work-related stress factors. I pride myself on a comprehensive diagnostic process to understand any underlying psychological issues. Every therapy plan I design is specifically tailored to fit your unique needs and life circumstances. Together, we'll create a therapeutic environment that fosters a holistic and impactful healing process.

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